3 Easy Steps Seniors Can Take To Improve their Nutrition


Seniors Can Improve their Nutrition

There’s no question that good nutrition plays a major part in the overall good health of people, and that only become more important as an individual ages. When your body is young, it can recover quickly from poor food choices and energy and natural good health seems to abound. However, as you get older eating right becomes just more and more important. The good news is that by following a few basic pieces of advice, you can shift your diet easily to enjoy the benefits of good health right in Durham in home care

Avoid Empty Calorie Foods

One of the big keys is to avoid empty calorie foods – foods that are heavy in sugar, fats, and processing but don’t deliver a lot of vitamins. Examples of this include potato chips, pretzels, cake, soda, and other sweets. While these are never good for you, they become even more harmful as you age and get older. Junk food isn’t good and you want to make sure as you get older to cut out as much of that as possible.  For more fun facts find us on at our Wisdom Health Care Solutions Manta page

Look at Heart and Health Friendly Choices


There are specific foods that are seen as being very healthy for your heart, or are lauded for helping to prevent cancer and cell damage within the body (via antioxidants and other similar positive things from healthy foods). Since heart disease and cancer are often the top killers for elderly individuals, it is important to look for a diet that helps prevent both of this situations.


This includes heart-healthy food like oatmeal/steel cut oats, berries, salmon, tuna, herring, almonds, and walnuts, among others. These foods have been shown to encourage healthy hearts and offer a variety of choices when it comes to putting together meals, as well.

Food that is generally considered anti-cancer includes brightly colored fruits like various berries, as well as most leafy green vegetables like spinach, asparagus, and colored greens. Mixing these in will only help a senior’s overall health.

Moderation of Less Healthy Treats

While everyone likes having their little treats, in older age it is more important than ever to make sure that any foods that aren’t very healthy or have some negative traits are taken only in moderation. While you can have your occasional beer or steak, you need to make sure these are occasional treats, not a mainstay of an elder diet.

A small sample of these would include:
– Red meat like steak
– Anything smoked
– Alcohol

Importance of Fiber

There’s no question that fiber is very important in any diet, and in older age that is especially important to stay regular and keep your internal organs at full health. Digestion gets harder as you get older and making sure your diet is in good shape is the best way to keep things moving down in the plumbing.


In Conclusion

There are many ways you can improve nutrition for seniors in-home but the most important point is to make sure that you focus on these main tips and you won’t be sorry you took these important extra steps! For seniors who are in Durham in home care this is a plus.