Best Options for In Home Care for Your Love Ones

Not every senior will need to move to a nursing home when he or she begins having trouble with basic everyday tasks. For many seniors, this is welcome news. There are choices, however, that each family will need to consider carefully.


Most people will put the cost of care at the top of the in home care list. It is no wonder. The cost of care can vary a great deal. Some Durham in-home care services charge by the hour and some will charge by the week. It depends on whether the caregiver lives in or not.

This is a choice that must be taken with great care. If you have already obtained long-term care insurance, you may have more flexibility with this decision. Your long-term care insurance may pay for all or most of the caregivers cost.

The Types of Care

wisdomhealthcareFor seniors who live alone in a house or apartment, they may not need 24-hour care. If they are basically in good enough health, but they need assistance with some tasks like cooking or running errands, hiring a Durham in home care a few hours several days a week could be the right solution.

These professionals can be found from agencies that specialize in the hiring of senior caregivers. You want to find someone who has lots of experience, and can handle some nursing duties. For instance, in the event there was to be a medical problem, the caregiver could tend to your loved one ís basic needs while also calling for and waiting for an ambulance.

Some seniors still have a good amount of independence but they have medical issues that require daily help. People who need  assistance with walkers or who have other mobility issues could also be good candidates for caregivers in Durham In-Home care providers and those who spend a few hours a day helping them.

These types of caregivers can also help tend to household duties like dusting and doing dishes. If you have family members who can pitch in at various times of the day, this is a great option because it is most affordable. You also get the peace of mind knowing that someone is always with your loved one.

Live in Care

This is the most expensive option, but if your loved one needs help bathing, remembering medication, has problems with mobility or other health issues, this is the most sensible choice. You can hire a nurse to look after your loved one around the clock. This choice is ideal for any older person with Alzheimer or whose family is not close enough to make daily visits feasible.

The choice to get care for a senior will take some thought. It also takes good communication with the entire family. Everyone, especially the senior who will be getting the care, needs to agree on the style of in-home care given.

Special attention should be given to handling situations where the senior may require hospice. This is another type of care that can be given at home.

Start the conversation with your loved ones. Be sure everyone gives the in-home care decision careful thought.

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